Law Offices of Mierzwa & Floyd, P.A.

Our Mission

The law firm of Mierzwa & Floyd, P.A., was established to provide legal representation to working people in the State of Florida. The Firm concentrates on the representation of labor organizations in the private and public sectors. Our services include the representation of labor unions, and employee benefit funds. The Firm is committed to endorsing employee rights and supporting the extension of those rights.

The Firm represents more than 40 labor organizations at the local, council, and state levels. The vast majority of our representation of labor organizations involves negotiations, grievance-arbitrations, unfair labor practice proceedings, and actions in state and federal court. We have also assisted labor organizations in establishing charitable organizations or benevolents and in matters pertaining to election law.

A second major area of our practice focuses on the representation of employee benefit funds. The Firm represents more than 25 benefit funds in the public and private sectors in the areas of pension, health insurance, retiree insurance, and apprenticeship committees.

Mierzwa & Floyd, P.A., supports a cooperative and friendly atmosphere among attorneys and staff. Each person is an essential part of our team. We strive to provide the best legal services available to workers in Florida. Above all, we strive to accommodate our clients to the best of our ability in providing them with legal representation and support.